Thy Will Be Done

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Death to those who are not of God and are of Evil!

The man was dressed like a lawyer. A three piece suit made of dark silk and linen was complemented by a bright red tie at the centre of his person. It drew everyones attention to itself, arising their emotions, arising their anger, and inflating their hate.

God is merciful!, the tall lawyer continued. God is grateful and God is all loving. But, God is also just. We shall take up arms and take up the cause of God. Our orders have been given. Our path has been chosen. Our destiny has been written.

The crowd chanted the Lord's name in agreement. People swayed back and forth pledging their lives to defend the faith and bring swift justice to the unbelievers and blasphemers. In the front row the most ardent of listeners began to stomp their boots on the ground and clap their hands in the air.

Soon the whole place was taken up by the rhythm of thousand of feet and hands stomping and clapping together. Stomp-stomp, clap-clap, stomp-stomp, clap-clap, stomp-stomp, clap-clap. This was the symphony of the movement.

The man raised his hands in the air. The front rows turned their attention to the speaker stopping their rhythmic beats. One by one, each row behind them began to focus, a quiet hush rolling over the whole place. Everyone was eager to see what was about to happen next.

God's will is revolution! Cried the lawyer. God's will is war. God's will is the salvation of America.

Re-vo-lu-tion, Re-vo-lu-tion, Re-vo-lu-tion, the crowd's chanting started out slowly, gaining speed with each repetition, and finally climaxing in a drawn out sound of religious ecstasy. The man was satisfied with the crowd. They responded with aplomb to his speech and his message.

Karl had been travelling the country for a year now, slowly stirring the minds and hearts of the god fearing people of America. There was always someone to blame for the people's hardships and he took advantage of it to gain support for his New America movement.

It started with the reelection of that wall street whore of a president. After a long election battle and the communist sounding message of Forward for America, the president beat the challenger by a wide margin. The pundits said the he was helped by the natural disaster hitting right before the election date. But Karl knew otherwise.

The difference between the two candidates was only in which animal, visible on the logo of their parties, would occupy the White House. Like the two sides of the same coin, they were both different but made of the same stuff, forced to bow down to the same masters.

Those masters were the Wall Street bankers of course. Karl new that like he knew that God had created this rock they were living on. Karl also knew that most people realized on some level that the democratic election was a farce and no matter who the candidate was or what issues they were trying to solve, in the end only the moneyed got what they wanted. Everyone else was screwed.

There was no doubt in Karl's mind that the time for revolution was now. People needed someone to wake them from their oppressive slumber. His people needed someone to leaded them in taking back what was rightfully theirs. American people needed a hero to restore America to its former glory.

I was born in this country, said Karl to a hushed crowed. And I will die in this country. My heart and soul belong to this country and I will not rest until this country, MY COUNTRY, is free and prosperous once again.

Amen brother! The people responded in agreement.

My great-grandfather built the railroads that span the vastness of our land. He toiled for years through marshes and the deserts to build an America his children could be proud of. His son, my grandfather, farmed the desert lands of Arizona to feed the American people and watch the country grow richer and and more prosperous than it was before. My father, after years of pouring his blood, sweat and tears into the land, was forced off his farm by the corporate swine. He lost his house, his livelihood and his family because of those greedy bastards. My family was forced to live off food-stamps so that the banksters can enjoy their yachts and private planes.

Death to all banksters, someone shouted in the crowd. And the people picked up the chant. Karl let them finish. When it died out, he continued.

But my story is not unique, he said. "Nor is my story the worst of them all. All of us share in this plight. All of us must work together to win this fight.

"When our founding fathers decided to rise up against an unjust rule and taxation, they hoped for the future America to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Instead we have become the land of the greed and the home of the slaves. When our founding fathers said that the tree of liberty must be renewed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, they gave us a duty to overthrow any government by the use of force if its rule becomes oppressive and unjust.

So I say to you, like Thomas Jefferson would have said to us, had he lived today. Rise up, take up your arms and take back what is rightfully yours. The time is at hand. Long live America and Long live the revolution.

The last sentences whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Calls for revolution and death to the one percent were heard from every direction. Stomp-stomp, clap-clap rhythm started up slowly from the front and culminated in an all out symphony of unity and rage. The symphony of the movement.

Karl was satisfied. This city was to be the last stop before he would issue the second declaration of independence. This whole revolution business was about to get very real for everyone involved.

There would be assassination attempts. Karl knew it. For the past couple of months he'd been followed by the Secret Service agents. The tail was present from morning to night and Karl knew that his communications were being monitored and scrutinized fastidiously. The United States government was very worried about him and his popularity.

There was plenty to worry about, of course. By now, Karl had stirred much of the south into action. Towns were being taken over by militias and federal government offices were being overrun and stripped of everything that was valuable. Unrest was being suppressed in the big cities with some force, but there were too many small towns to effectively control them all. One by one the towns started to send their representatives to Rifle, Colorado as elective representatives of the new revolutionary government.

Rifle was the place Karl chose as a seat for his revolutionary movement. This was the location where he had started his crusade and this is where he enjoyed the biggest and most loyal support. People here were both god fearing and freedom loving and Karl counted on that.

In the town hall, given to him for use as revolutionary headquarters, he planned out the tour of the country. It would be hard to gain popular support in the big cities on either coast, so Karl decided to start with the southern states. Texas, Louisiana, Virginia, and the Carolinas were first on the list. He'd go there and preach the message of revolution as directed by God. The northern states of the so called Bible Belt were next and in each and one of them he found an overwhelming positive response to his message.

He travelled from city to city giving his speeches while keeping tabs on the developments in New York and Washington. By now his supporters had put together a protection squad for him. They were all army veterans. Each not older then 35 and all in superb physical condition. A few were even retired special forces. It was expected that an attempt on his life would be made sooner or later. For the government, throwing Karl in jail would not be an effective way to get rid of the revolutionary problem.

The protection squad was good. Once they intercepted government special forces team trying to setup an ambush when they travelled through the Rocky Mountain National Forrest. The was a firefight. Two of Karl's people were shot, one dying later in the day. The attackers escaped on foot, carrying three wounded.

Meanwhile in Rifle, some of the retired officers were training militia units for the revolutionary army. There was bound to be conflict with the government forces, but Karl was hoping to avoid much bloodshed. He preferred to convert people to the revolutionary cause peacefully. He could not convince everyone, but he had to try.

In the dying ambers of the evening's light, the crowd was moving away from the stage. People were buzzing excitedly, but a sense of nervousness could almost be felt in the air around them.

Looking out at the departing crowd, Karl stood in the centre of the stage thinking about what he needed to do next. Even though his speech went well and the people responded with eagerness to his call something did not feel right.

In the distance, someone screamed. Karl looked to see what it was about and saw a jet fighter off in the distance. It was moving fast and heading in his direction with a sense of will and purpose.

Something detached from the plane and sped ahead towards the stage. Karl focused his eyes on the approaching object. It's a missile he thought, before the object hit the front of the stage ripping Karl's body to pieces in the ensuing explosion.