Sometimes there's just no time

Post By Taras Danylak. Reading time 2 minutes (343 words)

Sometimes there's just no time to focus on a thing that is not essential to your life or is seen by you as a simple hobby. This is my excuse for not writing here, on this blog, for 3 weeks, even though in the previous post I promised myself to write more.

I had time to write on this blog, but it wasn't the allotted time. Every week I set myself a schedule of when I will do things and this plan helps me accomplish most if not all tasks that I have on my plate. However, the past two weeks were quite eventful for me and I managed to miss my scheduled writing time for one reason or another.

My reasons varied. I usually set my blog entry writing time to be on Thursday. Sometimes I may push it to Friday, if other more pressing things come up. Last year I was able to keep that schedule for a month or so and this past January I tried very hard to stick to this plan. But I was not able to.

My intent is still to write on this blog every week and I will keep following my plan, writing on Thursdays or Fridays. Sticking with something teaches you persistence and helps you get things done. Yet if I miss a week or two, it's no big deal as long as I keep writing after those breaks.

Also, an important issue is the length of my posts or the content. Few people give advice about writing that sounds something like this: It doesn't matter how much you write as long as you do it as often as possible. I agree with this advise. If I can come up with a 5000 essay or short story, I will. If I can only write 300 or 400 words of self-actualization, I will. If I can only write one sentence saying that I intend to write more later, I will.

Practice, no matter how short, can only make you better.