Reflection and Self-Awareness

Post By Taras Danylak. Reading time 2 minutes (345 words)

Reflection is a tricky business. On the one hand it helps you understand and learn from whatever is being reflected upon, on the other, it makes you take a look at yourself from critical point of view and acknowledge that you or your actions might not have been as perfect as you thought.

Reflection is a tool that is rarely used by people nowadays. Yet it is essential if you want to be able to grow both professionally and personally. After all, we all make mistakes and only be reflecting on what we did wrong will we be able to learn and be better in the future.

Sports super stars and top Hollywood actors reflect constantly on their behaviour, their performances and their failures. It helps them identify weakness that they didn't know they had and correct their approaches to situations or tasks. And most importantly it helps them to become self-aware.

Self-awareness comes from one's ability to look about and judge oneself from other people's perspective. Are you learning from what you are studying? Is your decision to purchase that video game beneficial to your development? Can you change the approach you made in that sales call to make a sale next time? Theses are the types of questions that a self-aware individual will ask and provide a honest answers to. Only by doing this can you grow your potential and progress in personal and professional lives.

And of course, self-awareness can only be achieved by reflection. So take some time out of your busy TV watching schedule and spend 15 minutes each day thinking about your day. Ask yourself should I have handled that irate customer better. Was my approach to getting people to be quieter benefit from a more softer, friendlier tone? You can only get answer to these questions if you ask them. So take that time to ask these questions, take that time to find honest answers, and take that time to learn something new about yourself that you didn't know before.