Good to be back

Post By Taras Danylak. Reading time 6 minutes (1,030 words)

This past month I've taken a break from posting on my website. The reason was simple. I just didn't find the inspiration to write anything that I could put up for the world to see. I tried writing something last week, but after the second sentence I realized that none of my thoughts made any real sense. So rather then torturously compose a few paragraphs about the state of the world I decided to just give it up and let my mind rest.

Now, I think I have rested long enough and I burn with a desire to write something, anything really. Hence this post will probably turnout to be a set of random ramblings that have swirled around in my had for the past thirty days or so. If I do make some statements, they will be purely in the form of an opinion with little or no evidence to prove my point. Just a ramble.

First, the reason I got back to writing had very much to do with a quote I read in Today Matters. The quote was included in the book by John C. Maxwell. I can't quite recall who it was by or the exact wording of it, so for give me for butchering it. The quote said: Amateurs write when they feel like it, professionals write every day. It stuck with me the third time I read it. For some reason, the first two times it just skipped over my head. It might have to do with the fact that I actually listened to the book, not read it. I listen to books on the drive to work and back, so when I heard the quote the third time, it stuck with me so much that I remember where I was when I heard it.

Moving on...

The quote has stuck with me and it has been brewing in my head for about two weeks. Every day it comes back into my mind at some random moment and every day it strengthens my resolve to write more, write everyday, write even if I don't feel like writing. Thus, following the footsteps of professionals and understanding the principal of 10,000 hours to mastery (the idea that it takes about 10,000 hours of practice to become a master of a craft or skill, etc.), I am now trying to practice writing as much as possible.

This blog is my outlet for random thoughts and overall practice of writing. Short stories, long stories, fiction, non-fiction, ramblings are going to be posted here.

Second thought recurring in my mind these days is the general state of affairs this world is in. It is often tough to assert the situation of the whole planet, but in my opinion if growth were a hill, our economy were a train and we were on it, I would describe the situation as such: We going full speed up the hill with realizing that once we reach the top, the only way is down. While were going at it full speed, our resources (train's fuel) are shrinking, the passengers on the train are becoming more numerous and the top is within sight, if not within reach. So with so many people we now have on this train, once we go over the top, there is no way to stop it on its way down. We can't even slow it down. The weight of the passengers will propel it towards its certain destruction.

And it doesn't help that there's been major infighting and brawls on this train. The attention of conductors, so to speak, is focused on breaking up the fights and ensuring order, rather then on convincing the train drivers to slow down. Overall opinion can be summed up as follows: the times ahead are going to be tough and unpredictable. Viva Growth!

Recently, the situation in my native country has also occupied my thoughts. Ukraine is known as a breadbasket of Europe and it's fertile black earth deposits provide for a rich and steady wheat crop. This crop is then sold to Middle East and Europe and provides much of the sustenance in the countries where the desert environment can not support such high numbers of inhabitants. Ukraine is also a buffer between Russia and Europe and for thousands of years served as a transit point for countless eastern hordes invading the rich lands of European continent. Ukraine is in the middle of two worlds and it always gets caught between a proverbial Russian rock and a European hard place. The events happening in Ukraine are a direct result of the long meddling of the Russian ruling apparatus in Ukrainian political sphere.

Russia needs Ukraine as a buffer and as a source of raw materials for its developing economy. It also wrongly sees itself as a successor to Kyivan Rus and in order to be accepted as such, it must have complete control of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine and former capital of Kyivan Rus.

The protests happing right now started as a backlash to Ukraine's gangster president cancelling an agreement that would bring Ukraine closer to EU. Instead, the president hinted at a complete turn around in policy and closer ties to Ukraine's long despised aggressor neighbour, Russia. Over the two months of protests, the mandate of the people had transformed to include opposition to a corrupt, dictatorial regime that is being proxy-ruled by Putin and his band of gangsters and KGB operatives. I believe that Ukrainians have a chance for victory, but achieving it through peaceful means will not happen. All those found of treason and theft must be rounded up tried and executed. This will serve as a deterrent to future generations. In order to achieve that, the people must take charge and overpower the government forces. And that can only be done with a rifle in their hands. No flag waving or slogan shouting can make the situation better or resolve it in a satisfactory way.

These are my random thoughts for the time being. I will be back with more next week.