Do Something Towards Your Goal - Everyday

Post By Taras Danylak. Reading time 3 minutes (550 words)

Kevin O'Leary is a famous man. He's probably the most recognizable face from Canada's Dragon's Den TV Show and not only because of his bald head. He's got a charge about him. An unbreakable, potent energy field that seems affect all the people around him. He is quite a character.

He is also a very hard working individual. The Dragon's Den production and filming, as well as the it's American counterpart take up a huge amount of his free time. And this is a certainty. Never mind the fact that he has another business show to present, Lange and O'Leary Exchange, he is also a successful investor, running his own investment fund. Needless to say, I am a fan of the mans work ethic and dedication.

This admiration is what moved me to purchase and read his autobiographical work Cold, Hard, Truth. It is the story of how Kevin went from being an aspiring photographer to a successful investment tycoon and celebrity TV personality. The book is an easy read. I do recommend it any who's watched the Dragon's Den show and if you're in the mood to learn some very helpful life lessons.

That was the result of my reading his book. I've learned some life lessons, rather reaffirmed some very important life lessons. The first and probably most important lesson that I would like it point out is this: Set yourself a goal in life.

Kevin knew early on that he wanted to run a business. In the first chapters of the book, he delivers a clear message that he learned that he was the type of person who didn't enjoy working for someone else. He wanted to be his own boss. So that was his first goal.

Second he'd realized that in order to achieve the first goal, he'd have to work hard to earn enough money to start his own business and be his own boss. Money would give him the freedom to accomplish his most important goal, so he would focus on earning money. Kevin's own rule, which he got form his mother, is that money helps you to be free. Money begets freedom.

Having established these goals for his future, he put his head down and began working on getting them fulfilled. In the book he describes the path to his success involving countless long hour days, work weekends and sleepless nights. Kevin dedicated himself to his business and the end result is what we see today.

An important part of this process just one simple rule. Do something towards your goal - EVERYDAY. According to his own description, Kevin did something towards his goal every minute of every hour of every day, twelve to fourteen hours of each day. I may not agree with his workaholic process, but I definitely admire his ability to put his head down and do the work. Everyday. If you do something towards your goal, everyday, you will eventually get to the place you want to be. It's as simple as that.

There are many other lessons that I've learned from his book. But this one is probably the most effective in helping you on your path to achieving your dreams.